MOVIE REVIEW: “QAIDI BAND” Is A Powerful Movie, A Must Watch!


Directed By: Habib Faisal
Produced By: Aditya Chopra
Cast: Aadar Jain and Anya Singh
Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Even after completing 70 years of freedom, the citizens of India are yet not free to have their individual rights. We still have innumerable court cases which are still waiting for their justice and are imprisoned for a crime that they haven’t committed ever.

Story of the movie:

Director Habib Faisal’s ‘Qaidi Band‘ is a story of five inocent citizens who are guilt-free but still are put in the jail as UT (Under Trial) prisoners. UTs basically are the worst sufferers, because they’re neither proven to have committed a crime nor are proven to be innocent, but still are behind the bars for absolutely no reason at all. Sanju (Aadar Jain) and Bindu (Anya Singh) are two out of the five people in the prison. The jail authority handpicks a few people from the jail and forms a band who are to perform on the Independence day. This gives an open door for the duo as well as their in-mates. They start with a hidden agenda to please the minister with their performance, but eventually, it turns into a movement which changes the course for these five people.

Director’s Performance:

Human rights for prisoners have always been a huge subject of debate, and this is the right conversation to strike for a movie. Habib Faisal has done his research work just right and given us a powerful yet subtle screenplay which will force you to think harder.

Star Performance:

Being their debut film, we must bring to notice that Aadar’s firm and impressive performance, while Anya’s simplicity works well for both of them. In spite of all the circumstances, Aadar finds love in Anya who’s a cute girl-next-door.

Music of the movie:

The one element which worked really well for the film is the fantastic music that it has to offer. Amit Trivedi has gone out of his comfort zone to be a rebel for these soulful songs. There’s a lot of determinations offered by each song in this movie.

Watch or Not:

‘Qaidi Band’ has been shot fairly by Anya Singh and has been edited by Aarti Bajaj. The supporting actors have made the story flow quite smoothly and made it an impactful and interesting watch.

Watch Trailer Here:

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