Movie Review: “Simran” – An Outstanding Performance By Kangana Ranaut


Directed By: Hansal Mehta
Produced By: Bhushan Kumar
Cast: Kangana Ranaut
Duration: 2 hours 04 minutes

Rating: 3.0/5*

We’ve seen Kangana Ranaut give her heartiest best in all her films, but ‘Simran‘ is solely about herself and her touchy emotions. She shows how she’s beautiful and badass at the same time. She accepts her mistakes with much grace and expresses herself with all the extremities.

Story Of The Movie:

Playing a 30-year-old divorcee Praful Patel, Kangana goes through a fast-track steamy roller-coaster ride in her life. Right from nagging parents to lack of money to buy a house to herself, Simran is annoyed with all of that and more. But on the positive side of it, she’s very chirpy and lively girl with happy expressions on her face, though dealing with a deadly storm going on in the inside. She somehow finds herself committing mistakes one after the other and finally lands up in a big mess.

Star Performance:

When we say Kangana is known to get into the skin of her character for all her films, she quite literally does. And with “Simran’ she’s perfected her acting skills at it even more. She is the woman who doesn’t let her past affect her present and is absolutely confident about what she wants to do without being apologetic about it. She is very clear about what she wants, even includes a no for $ex without protection and also accepts that she’s genuinely very needy at times. What Praful Patel is like in this film, sets her apart from a lot of other actresses who’ve tried to portray “strong women” in their films.

Director’s Performance:

Director Hansal Mehta who s known for making slice-of-life films, has put all his efforts to get the emotions right and conveyed familiar crises which we’ve all faced at some or the other time in life. But we expected the film to be more on the humorous side if it had so much of Kangana’s antics. There’s a chunk of the film which looks rather unconvincing. Also, there are more than one chances for this film to convince you rob a bank and it seems easy.But no, don’t ever!

Sachin-Jigar’s music and Anuj Rakesh Dhawan’s cinematography are a great add on to Kangana’s performance.

Watch or Not:

The first half of the film looks stretched & boring which makes it a tedious watch even after nicely instilled deep emotions. Sohum Shah, in a slightly romantic role has done justice to his role accompanied by Kishori Shahane and Hiten Kumar.

But if Kangana’s character name is Praful, why is the movie titled ‘Simran’? Watch it to know maybe?

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