11 Bollywood Films That Were Inspired By Real Life Events

It has been nearly a month since former Anandi, popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee, was found hanging in her flat. There’s no end to the controversies that are surrounding her suicide, and mystery of her death hasn’t unravelled yet. In the midst of all this, according to sources, a production house in Mumbai has decided to make a film on Pratyusha Bannerjee.

They say the best inspiration comes from real life. And our Bollywood directors have used that to their advantage. There have been many Hindi films that have been taken from real life stories. Take a look at 11 such.

1. No One Killed Jessica

The film was based on the murder of Jessica Lal. It’s title was inspired by the 2006 headline of a news story when the main accused was acquitted by the trial court. This case and its intensive media coverage triggered a lot of protest all over the country. Finally, the main accused, Manu Sharma, was given a life sentence. In the film, Vidya Balan played Sabrina Lal, the sister of Jessica Lal, and Rani Mukherji played a journalist. The film was directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.

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