Newcomer Meenakshi Dixit Says – “My Passion Is My Strength”

Born and brought up in a brahmin family in Raebareli (UP), a science graduate with an artistic bent of mind, I have been brought up with high values when it comes to love, life and relationships. A blue eyed girl of my lawyer father and a homemaker mother, I have lived a king size life, But soon turned into a rebel to take up a stand for my thoughts, dreams and passion. I followed my heart and discovered myself as a go getter.

An actress…. is who I am and who I am meant to be…. study of characters and human emotions, music, dance, interaction with millions of audiences, this is when I am at my best of high and happiness. I respect myself for my strong work ethics.
My mantra is ” Whenever life decides to be hard on me, I decide to go harder “

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