List Of Popular TV Actresses Who Have Been Harassed Or Stalked In Real Life!

3. Saumya Tandon

“I used to ride a bicycle to school in the 10th standard, but was harassed by a senior in my school who used to follow me everywhere on his bike. Once, when I was returning from tuition at 8pm, he stopped his bike in front of me and put something on my head and ran away. I was damm scared and ran home. My parents got scared when they saw me howling and thought it was blood on my head. Later, I realised that he had applied sindoor. I was so shocked that I fell ill. My father spoke to the guy’s mother, and she said, ‘Such things happen between girls and boys. What can we do?’ This horrific incident stayed with me for 10 years. I think men are raised up in the wrong manner in India. Hindi movies glamourise stalking, making it cool — the hero stalks the heroine and wins her over — but in reality, it really sucks.”

4. Divyanka Tripathi

The gorgeous actress found herself in the midst of an embarrassing situation when a drunkard enter into the sets and passed lewd remarks at her. The perpetrator was arrested but Divyanka has increased the security on the sets for added safety post this incident.

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