Watch Trailer 2 Of Saif Ali Khan Starrer “Chef”!

Saif Ali Khan-starrer ‘Chef’ is all set to rock the silver screens on October 6, 2017. It’s just a few days away from its release, and now the makers of the film have released the second trailer of the movie.

The film’s story go around a professional chef, who quits his job at a popular restaurant, and starts a food truck with his friend and loving son.

The first trailer was focused on the bond of Saif and his son. While, in the second trailer, we see the breakdown and gradual rise of Khan’s character. In this two-minute 12-second video, Chef Roshan Kalra has tried to explain his by calling it a “recipe for disaster”

In the trailer, you can see why; he pursues his passion for cooking, and in the process, loses his connect with his wife and son. The bridge with his wife does not seem like one he can rebuild easily, considering the fact that Milind Soman’s character seems to be close to her and and has vowed the son too. But winning over his son is a goal he works towards, and for this, he chooses to take him on an eating tour in North India.

Apart from Saif, the film stars child actor Svar Kamble as Saif’s onscreen son, Padmapriya and Chandan Roy Sanyal.

It is based Jon Favreau’s 2014 Hollywood blockbuster by the same name. The original comedy-drama was directed by Jon Favreau.

Chef’ has been directed by Raja Krishna Menon. It is scheduled to release on October 6 this year.

Watch the trailer here:

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