‘Phillauri’ Trailer: Anushka Sharma Is The New Ghost In Town And This Is Her Love Story

Anushka Sharma and Diljit Dosanjh starrer ‘Phillauri’ trailer is here and the film seems to be driven on Indian superstitions. There are two sides of the story and after watching the trailer, we are much inclined towards the love story of Anushka and Diljit which has been set in a sepia-toned time phase.

The other side of ‘Phillauri’ shows the life of Suraj Sharma who is ‘manglik’ and would have to marry a tree for a successful marriage. However, Anushka (the ghost stuck in the tree) is married to him now and starts following him around. The VFX used for creating Anushka Sharma as the ghost who floats in the air seems to be a much colourful rendition of Moaning Myrtle Warren from the Harry Potter series.

( Video Courtesy: FoxStarHindi )

The look of trailer completely changes when someone asks Shashi (Anushka) about some of her unfinished business. We are automatically transformed to a beautiful time, which seems to be many centuries ago and is set in Phillaur, Punjab. Shashi starts sharing her story in which she tells Diljit, who she is in love with, to accomplish his dreams and change the world with his voice.

P.S Diljit just looks astounding.

Apart from Sharma and Diljit, ‘Phillauri’ also stars Suraj Sharma and Mehreen Pirzada. The film is directed by Anshai Lal and would be releasing on 24th March 2017.


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