Oh! Manoj Bajpayee Almost Missed A Fatal Accident On The Road!

Manoj Bajpayee recently met with a fatal incident while he was driving on the slippery streets of Mumbai. Since monsoon is just around, Manoj decided to drive back home to avoid any illness. And that’s when the accident took place.

According to sources, Manoj was on his way to home with his manager in the car, and was driving at a normal speed with a couple interrupted them on the bike. The couple seemed to be in a rush since they were seen speeding up and overtook Manoj’s car.

In no time, the bike suddenly lost its control and the two fell down, and Manoj had to use his emergency breaks since he was driving right behind them. Hence, it saved the lives of those two.

It was later when a group of people got gathered around the accident spot and the injured couple were immediately took to the hospital.

Talking about the fatal incident, Manoj said, “It was a very dready incident and I am just glad that nobody was injured so badly. I was sick for few days, so had gone to the doctor. As my driver wasn’t there, I had opted to drive myself. These days it is a very important to make sure one drives safely, for yourself as well as people around you. I am completely fine and I would like to request everyone this monsoon season please be safe and take care.”

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