Shah Rukh Khan OUTBURST On The Famous Egyptian Comedian Ramez Galal Prank On Arabic TV Show!

A sensational video of Shah Rukh Khan‘s car falling in quicksand. The Khan and the girl with him were seen almost sinking in the quicksand and later a Komodo Dragon attacking them. This video soon circulated on the social media. It was a well-thought out prank by the famous Egyptian comedian Ramez Galal, the host of Ramez Underground, an Arabic TV show.

Soon the Khan and others were rescued but SRK wasn’t too pleased with the prank. He was almost going to stab up Ramez for playing such a scary prank on him. He shouted badly on Ramez saying, “This is nonsense. You got me all the way from India to do this sh*t?” Seeing his anger, Ramez quickly sought an apology, but SRK seemed in no mood to forgive. So when the viewers saw this entire video, many ended up believing it to be for real, however it seems that the complete video was staged. Like, SRK’s anger was also staged and not for real.

This was affirmed by Shah Rukh Khan’s manager Pooja Dadlani. She said, “Yes, it was staged and Shah Rukh Khan was aware and was acting as if he was angry.”

Reports also says that king khan was paid around Rs 2 crore for his appearance on the show.

Watch the video below

Really Scary!

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