TV Star “Parvati” Aka “Sonarika Bhadoria” From Show ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ Smoking Hot Pics!

The dazzling television actress Sonarika Bhadoria who’s mostly known for playing ‘Parvati’ in ‘Devon Ke Dev Mahadev’ posted a new set of pictures she shot recently and her meaningful messages along just can’t be missed!

Here’s the first one in the new series of pictures she shared wearing a frilly white two piece dress with a bra top and a skirt looking smoking hot. She gets philosophical and writes with this pictures – “I read something so beautiful the other day! And it goes something like this . . . I’ve become least apologetic about disappearing. Embrace every phase life has to offer. Thats the least you can do in this little time. Nothing can define it, no, nothing can define your time here. Not your achievements, not the number of followers you have, not the amount of time you spent underground. Nothing. Because life is elsewhere. And its sort of quiet there. More sound. Less noise.”

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