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Rapper Kanye West Is Damm Frustrated With Wife Kim Kardashian!

Rapper Kanye West’s bitter duel with rapper Jay Z reportedly stemmed from his “frustration” that his wife Kim Kardashian is not close friends with Jay Zs wife Beyonce Knowles. According to a source, West was strongly “forcing” his wife to be friends with Jay Z and Beyonce so they could have a better relationship, but Beyonce had little in common ...

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Beyonce Knowles Spending $ 1 Million To Transform Her Home Into Maternity Ward And Is Planning To DELIVER Her TWINS At HOME ONLY!

Popular Hollywood couple Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z are reportedly planning to welcome their twins in this world at home rather than hospital and are turning their beautiful mansion into a one million pounds private maternity ward. Various costly medical equipments including incubators and “an entire professional neonatal wing” has been shipped into the couple’s property, reports dailymail.co.uk. Vans full ...

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