SRK’s Daughter Suhana Khan Gearing Up For Bollywood Debut

Suhana Khan soon in the movies – It’s not a new thing in Bollywood to see star kids preparing to enter into Bollywood.

While stars like to say that they don’t want their children or force their children to join the industry, most of the kids end up their only. Well, they do deserve it too because they grow up in that industry and there cannot be anything better in this world that they would have experienced. So, when it came to Shahrukh Khan’s daughter Suhana Khan, we always thought that she wouldn’t be entering the industry at all because she always stayed away from the limelight.

But recently, Suhana Khan has been in the news a lot and some of her pictures show that she might be getting ready for Bollywood.

Suhana Khan soon in the movies –

1. Her recent Instagram picture in this red dress grabbed a lot of eyes and she became instantly hit for the day.

2. She has been around Karan Johar a lot and he is really great at making the careers of star children.

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