Ever Wondered Why Some People Have Dimples And Some Don’t?

We’ve all thought that dimples are the cutest feature on a person, and that those who have them are indeed blessed. But, apparently there’s more to that story.

Because believe it or not, dimples are a genetic flaw. Why? Genes don’t care about the looks. The only thing that matters to them is survival.

How are dimples caused?

Dimples are a result of shortened facial muscles. It happens in the initial stages of development, caused by subcutaneous connective tissue. When a person with a dimple smiles, the muscles on the face pull the skin resulting into a depression. The depression is also known as the dimple.

They are not life-threatening

Dimples are only an inherited genetic flaw and you will not die because of it. Interestingly, dimples are not a malfunction of a combination of genes, and only one single gene messes it all up.

How do you get dimples?

For you to have dimples, one of your parents should have had it. In case both parents don’t have dimples, their children won’t have dimples either. But there can be an odd case of a spontaneous deformity that could result in this beauty mark. But in every case, the responsible gene is present before the time of conception which means that it doesn’t form in the uterus.

Dimples don’t necessarily come in pairs

Dimples don’t always have to be on both cheeks. Although it’s rare, some people might get a dimple on only one side of their face. This is caused by the same messed up gene! But one thing’s for sure – dimples are the perfect example that ones flaws make one beautiful!


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