Choreographer Terence Lewis Wins A Guinness Book Of World Record For ‘World Largest Photobook’

Choreographer Terence Lewis has won the Guinness Book Of World Record for ‘World Largest Photobook’.

After working in Big Bazaar Anthem ‘The Denim Dance‘, he asked the country people to hashtag #fbbDenimDance and share your denim dance photo on social media.

The team made the world’s biggest Photo book of 486 Sq.ft. This is 18ft long and 27 ft wide. This book has more than 8000 photos of people, who are giving the signature step of Denim dance.

Terence said, ‘Whenever we are about to break the record then we used to like a lot. I think is this possible? There are many challenges and we are always nervous.’

Terence Lewis tweet, ‘So finally I’ve got 4 Guinness World Records! Wondering what’s next ? Any ideas what recurs I Shd create or break?’


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