Katrina Kaif Shoots For Vogue May 2017

Mario Testino discovers Bollywood through actress Katrina Kaif, bringing out her most intimate side. The iconic lensman’s aim was to discover Bollywood through Katrina, by bringing out her most intimate side.

Mario said, “When I worked with Katrina, my team did the hair, make-up and styling in our specific way. Then I went out with her in the evening and thought these are two different women — how she styled herself and how we perceived her. I want to see how the public will react to our pictures of Katrina. Will they be able to relate, will they like what we did — you know what I mean?”

Kat has been a fan of the photographer’s work. She said, “I’ve always been a fan of Mario’s work and admired the way he captures women. Every woman that he shoots looks unique and special as if she’s being watched through the eyes of someone who really finds her magical.”

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