Top 9 Most Awaited Movies Of The Year 2018

Yes, we have reached the time of the year again and today you are going to go through the 9 most anticipated flicks of the year 2018. I really don’t blame you for having your own list of to-watch movies but I still highly recommend these movies to add to your list. Let’s go!

1.Black Panther (February 16)

Comic movies are the best thing to happen to mankind. It’s exciting to see T’Challa and his kingdom of Wakanda and what keeps me more excited always is what will happen next? What the Black Panther did in Captain America: Civil War we have all seen that but what now? Will Captain be there this time? Will Bucky be having a cameo? Is there a soul stone in Wakanda? How many Panther suits the king have? I cannot wait to get all my questions answered really.

2. Tomb Raider (March 16)

We almost forgot about Angelina Jolie starring Tom Raider. Haven’t we? Now its time for a sexy new archaeologist to enter. Alicia Vikander, the new Tomb Raider aka Lara Croft. Some female action, bad men everywhere, puzzles to solve, and that are too deadly. Can you wait?

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