14 Dialogues From International Films That Gave Us Wise Lessons On Love And Life

If you’re sucker for romance and all that film(y) mush, you are definitely someone who remembers movie dialogues by heart even after years of its release. Come on, don’t lie! While films are not just about actors and songs, script-writers and dialogue writers put their best foot forward in penning lines which remain in our hearts and minds for longer than usual. Movie dialogues remain etched in our minds so deeply that at times we feel like using them for our daily situations too. And surprisingly, these dialogues come a lot handy when you feel like expressing yourself to your ‘special one’. Here are 14 popular dialogues from Hollywood movies that definitely taught us a thing or two about love, life and lot more! 🙂

1. When you know your life is NOTHING without that special ‘someone’!

2. When they become the biggest blessing of your life-

3. When you’re tired of falling for wrong people in your life-

4. And you thought it’s just you who is vulnerable to those ‘frequent free-falling’ in love-

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