Shabana Azmi Acclaims Suhana Khan’s Acting Skills, Daddy King Khan Reply Will Melt Your Heart

Shah Rukh Khan’s little girl Suhana is all grown up! She is one of the most favorite, popular and most -followed star-kid on various social media platforms. On the occasion of AbRam Khan’s fourth birthday, mommy Gauri shared a beautiful picture of her two munchkins – Suhana and AbRam. They look damm adorable together and Gauri has given the perfection caption for the picture, ‘Gemini Gorgeousness’.

After seeing this, great actress Shabana Azmi has predicted that Suhana Khan, will be a “good” actor. The 66-year-old actor took to Twitter to compliment Suhana.

“@iamsrk Mark my words #Suhanakhan is going to be a seriously good actor.Ive watched a short clip of her acting and it was terrific.Bless her” she tweeted.

To this proud fatherand ace star Shah Rukh Khan replied, “How sweet are you to say that. And of course when you say it then it’s big encouragement for the little one. Thanks.”

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