R Madhavan’s Post Shower Pic Is STEALING Hearts Of All Female Fans

When we saw R Madhavan in ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’, we were sure of him winning hearts of many girls. And after he did ‘Rang De Basanti’, there were no second thoughts about it. R Madhavan has always been a charmer and will always remain as one. He had recently shared an after shower picture of him on his social media. And much to his surprise, the picture has gone viral and how! Ladies all over have been tranced over this particular image and Maddy is just as humble and kind about it as possible.

He entitled his picture as, “Morning light post a shower… feeling fresh after a good long nights sleep.. after the long travels.”

This one picture was enough to rock his social media with a lot of retweets and messages.
Here’s how the girls reacted like, and being the heartrobber that he is, he even replied to some:

Sweet Maddy!

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