Meet Varun Dhawan’s Glamourous Niece Anjini Dhawan, See Pics!


Varun Dhawan‘s niece is such a hot babe that your screen will burn for sure! As we all know Varun is very stylish, but his niece is no less. Though she hasn’t entered limelight but after looking at her pictures, you will believe and would want her to join the industry soon.

She is the daughter of actor-director Sidharth Dhawan and her pictures are breaking the internet. Talking about her fashion sense, she is no less than a glam doll! She tries all kind of trends, loves dressing up and sharing with her followers on social media accounts.

Know more about her and take a look at the pictures:



Denim game on point! Do you see the glam and poise in her? Yes, she is a young & hot diva!

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