Arjun Rampal And His ‘Supermodel’ Family Spotted

When two supermodels fall in love, get married, and make babies, there is no shadow of a doubt that the kids will inherit the supermodel gene too.

That is precisely how we felt we spotted ex-supermodel and current dreamboat Arjun Rampal and his ex-supermodel-current-fabulous wife Mehr Jesia out and about with their two young daughters Myraa and Maahika. While elder daughter Mahikaa is 14, Myra is 11.

Arjun and Mehr have had their share of ups and downs, especially with rumours of Arjun cheating, and Mehr deciding to end the relationship – but these pictures show that the family is as strong as ever.

Team Rampal, we’re rooting for you!

All photos by YOGEN SHAH

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  1. Rahul

    Very Nice Family Photos! Keep It Up Sir.

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