7 TV Shows That Made Doordarshan Of The 80s The Best

If you have had enough of made-up reality TV and saas-bahu dramas, may we remind you that TV used to be a good thing till a while back. There used to be just a couple of channels and Doordarshan was the final word in entertainment.

Remember this Doordarshan promo?


Moving on. Thanks to YouTube, you can now relive the good old days and board the nostalgia train. Here’s a small list of must-watch TV shows to keep you entertained this week. On the other hand, for those of you who can’t relate to any of this, it’s a great lesson on why TV used to be great.

1. Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi (1984)

India’s first ever sitcom, the show was a roaring success when it aired in 1984. The stories revolved around the lives of Ranjit Verma (Shafi Inamdar), his wife Renu Verma (Swaroop Sampat) and her unemployed brother Raja (Rakesh Bedi). Satish Shah used to play a different character every episode and was even dubbed the “King of Comedy”. The title track was sung by Kishore Kumar.


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