WHAT? Is Shweta Tiwari Dead? Husband Abhinav Kohli Reaction To This Death Hoax!

Yet again another actor falls prey to death hoax and She is none other than the very famous and popular television actress Shweta Tiwari recently seen in ‘Begusarai’.

Gossips about ‘Kasautii Zindagii Kay’ fame actress Shweta’s death on social media sent her friends and fans in pain and shock including her husband Abhinav Kohli.

The mother of 2 children, a teenage daughter Palak Tiwari with ex-husband Raja Chaudhary and newborn son Reyansh Kohli with current husband Abhinav, actress and her hubby have both reacted to this new gossip floating on social media about her death.

Dear Reyansh, I cant tell you how immensely lucky you got with your parents, your mother, our mother. Being your senior by 16 years in this matter i can assure you that this lady here will do everything humanly possible just to give you a scintilla of happiness. As the years will pass, you will take this day to acknowledge her as well. Her, who every single day, deals with you and your true imbecile of a sister. As of now, i give her a million reasons to disown me but its her innate desire to keep pushing me until I, someday, hopefully become 1/100 of her pristine soul and samaritan self. See, there well be times, inevitably, when you won’t agree with her, when you’ll think she’s really not aware of what she’s doing (trust me, ive been there) but she will always be right. You need to cherish her because someone capable of giving such extensive amount of love, deserves nothing less. Here’s to you mom, i love you so much @shweta.tiwari ❤️

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Abhinav told Dailybhaskar – “I got panicked when I got to know about this news. I mean, I had just spoken to her few minutes back and when somebody called me up with this news; I didn’t knew how to react on it. Immediately, I called up Shweta and found her all well. In fact, she started laughing at me. All I want to say is that she is alive and is doing very well.”

While Shweta reveals this in not the first time, such false news about her has gone viral. She told to media that – “I don’t feel like reacting to such rumors now. Believe it or not, this is the third time people have declared me dead and I have become used to it. Abhinav was the first one to call me up; he was nervous while speaking on phone. I told him to relax and just ignore such baseless rumors. I am very much alive and happily enjoying the evening with my children”.

Shweta, the new Mommy has been posting the fresh pictures of her son Reyansh and each one of them vow your heart. Who wants to hear such a breaking news like death about anyone, and when it’s a celebrity it is bound to create panic and we wonder what one gains by spreading such false news!

We wish Shweta a happy and healthy life ahead!

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