Neha Dhupia Asks Women To Break Streotypes In Her Bold And Beautiful “So Basically”

Bollywood Actress and Roadies Growing Judge Neha Dhupia is known for breaking standards with her point of view. Whether it was her spell in Koffee With Karan with her bindaas honesty or joining the social media campaign Shave Your Opinion, Neha is heroic always.

The star is back in her stud avatar in a video called “So Basically” in which the actress encourages women to clinch their sexuality and break those stereotypes which are associated with female gender.

Neha shared this video on her Instagram account with a strong message for her fans. She wrote, ” So Basically . women are ambushed by social media, their neighbours, their families, their friends, their partners to be a’certain way’ because their clock is ticking in every department. They “get married because there are no men available clock”. They “get pregnant because you don’t want to be 50 when your child is 15 clock”. Blush introduces So Basically, a series where celebs unleash their renegade avatar that has been never seen before.”

While discussing about the video Neha said “The concept of So Basically” by Blush is something I resonate with, which is why I am so excited to be a part of this video. It’s time to break free from all the stereotypes and explore our limits as we chase our dreams. Ladies, it’s time to just be you.”

Inthis video, Neha mainly talks about how women are halted from doing whatever they want to by their families , friends and neighbours. The former beauty queen says the women should be liberal and free in their thoughts and doings and now not how the society wants them to be.

The video – So Basically, Neha Dhupia – released by Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush on Monday on You Tube is a bizarre series aimed at provoking women to break free.

On the work front, the actress is hosting a kids comedy show, “Chhote Miyaan Dhakkad”and also is one of the team leaders in adventure reality series , “Roadies”.


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