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Zee Bangla is respected to introduce the interminable tale of Baba Lokenath through his life, goals, lessons, sympathy and voyage. Watch Joy Baba Lokenath, from April, just on Zee Bangla and Zee Bangla HD.

God dwells in us. To reach to him, all we require is will power. Since will power can turn a mortal, divine or the person who realizes the change humankind aches for. ‘Yugavatar’ or Avatar of the time Baba Lokenath is the impression of that lasting truth. Who relinquished all he had, strolled the way of aggregate forbearance and turned into a living God, every last one precipitously adored.

He is accepted to be exemplification of Bhagwat Geeta, a genuine mélange of Gyana (information), Karma, Bhakti (commitment) and Aashtanga Yoga, the genuine symbol of benevolence for all. Our own special savior of grieved and persecuted. The tale of Baba Lokenath is a 160 year-long perfect voyage against numerous a daemon of mankind to end up a Purnavatar.


Zee Bangla TV Serial 'Joy Baba Lokenath'- Wiki Plot, Story, Star Cast, Promo, Watch Online, Zee Bangla, Youtube, HD Images


Plot/Story Wiki

This new serial on Zee Bangla begins off with Baba Lokenath’s coming as a new born baby. In 1730, a devout man and his significant other, Ramnarayan Ghoshal and Kamala Devi progressed toward becoming guardians of their fourth kid Lokenath.

Despite the fact that Ramnarayan wished to commit one of his children to religious administration, Kamala Devi declined to abandon her protective love. At the point when Lokenath appeared on the scene, Kamala Devi saw a brilliant corona around him and trusted he was the person who took birth to be in the administration of the Almighty. On turning 11, Lokenath with his companion Benimadhab moved toward becoming supporters of sage Pandit Bhagaban Ganguli.First, they took shelter at Kalighat sanctuary. The following 25 years they spent existences of religious austerity honing hardest of extreme Yog Sadhanas in profound woodlands to understand the achievement. Later on, they strolled to the Himalayas to put in an additional 50 years in Sadhana. At 90 he accomplished Bodhi or illumination. Finally he was back among the mortals.

In Barodi of the present Bangladesh, he remained by the ordinary citizens and in the end came to be their savior for his sympathy, benevolence and celestial beauty. His way of resistance, indicated a large number of discouraged, fallen and covetousness sickens the light of sky.

Indeed, even 100 years after his demise, he affirmed to be recollected by the general population for a very long time, his goals of uniformity will be respected with the goal that a superior society can be manufactured. So that, even today his words ‘At whatever point you are in threat, regardless of whether in sea or in war or in the wild, recall Me. I should spare you. You may not know Me. You may not understand my identity. Simply implore Me with a little touch of your heart and I should free you from grasping distresses and tragedies” resound among his pupils and give them the strength to get over each obstacle conceivable.



Star – Cast
  • Priyanka Rati Pal (lead female character)
  • Soumili Biswas (as mother of young Loknath)
Serial Timings/Telecast Details
  • TV Show Name :- ‘Joy Baba Lokenath’
  • TV Channel Name :- Zee Bangla
  • Start Date :- 09 April, 2018
  • Days :- Everyday
  • Show Timing :- 07:30 pm


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