Youtube Web Series ‘The Krishna Key’ – Wiki Plot, Story, Star Cast, Promo, Watch Online, Eros, Youtube, HD Images

Eros International is creating a showy film and a unique series for Eros Now in view of Ashwin Sanghi’s anthropological spine chiller ‘The Krishna Key‘. Eros is intending to discharge the film and also the web series in 2019.

The book takes after a history teacher who must demonstrate his blamelessness against a murder accusation. Krishna Key, the third novel by Ashwin Sanghi, tries to unfurl the privileged insights of the Mahabharata and set up Krishna as a verifiable character instead of a legendary character.

The plot is sensational and provocative, enchanting with its turns and turns making a consistent chance to inventively feature it on the planet silver screen. The arrangement is in introductory phases of improvement with ability to be settled soon.



'Youtube Web Series 'The Krishna Key' - Wiki Plot, Story, Star Cast, Promo, Watch Online, Eros, Youtube, HD Images


About Author Ashwin Sanghi 

Sanghi positions among India’s most noteworthy offering English fiction creators. He is viewed as one of the leaders in the recorded and legendary retelling. Famously hailed as the Indian Dan Brown for The Rozabal Line and The Krishna Key, both of which were widely praised. He wrote a few different bestsellers including Chanakya’s Chant, The Sialkot Saga, and Keepers of the Kalachakra.


Star – Cast

No actors have been announced.




Timing/Telecast Detail

  • TV Show Name :- ‘The Krishna Key’   
  • Channel Name :- Youtube
  • Watch Online  :- ———
  • Duration :- ——-
  • Episode :- —
  • Genre :- ————



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