Watch PM Modi’s Development Agenda Based Film ‘Modi Ka Gaon’ Trailer

A Bihar-based filmmaker has made a full-length feature film on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s development agenda for the country and his vision for transforming India. On Sunday, the trailer of the film is out.

Film producer and co-director Suresh Jha said the 2 hours and 15 minutes long feature film “Modi Ka Gaon” has completed shooting and is undergoing post-production work. The movie is expected to hit theatres within a couple of months.

Jha, who emphasised it is “not a biopic”, plans a mega-premier for which he is making attempts to get Modi to do the honours.

Mumbai businessman and Modi-lookalike Vikas Mahante is essaying the role of Modi. Television actors Chandramani M. and Zeba A. will play the other important roles in the medium budget movie.

Jha said that Zeba gets washed away in a massive flood in Bihar, but the girl is later rescued by an NGO and sent to the USA for studies.

“In the USA, she learns of Modiji’s vision, his work and dreams for transforming the country into a developed nation. She is inspired to return to her homeland, as the story moves ahead,” Jha said.

He added that the film has been extensively shot on locales in Patna, Darbhanga and Mumbai, detailing Modi’s passion for making all rural and urban centres as ‘Smart Villages’ or ‘Smart Cities’.


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