Mostly Sunny Trailer Is Out : Sunny Leone’s Biopic Documentary

The trailer of Sunny Leone‘s documentary Mostly Sunny‘s trailer has come out and in this the journey of Sunny Leone from being a p0rn star to Bollywood actress. The documentary which has made under the direction of Dilip Mehta has shown how the world famous terrorist Osama Bin Laden was also a big fan of Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone has shared the story of her life during her struggling phase and when people started criticizing her for being a p0rn star. In the trailer, Sunny Le0ne has talked about the earnings through show!ng your body. Sunny Le0ne in the trailer says, My life has a theory that if I am dr0pping my cl0thes to show the world then I should earn money as much as I can. Why someone other will earn money and I have achieved mastery in this.


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