Heroines Who Gave Up Stardom To Become Mothers

Kareena Kapoor may have put her pregnancy rumors to rest by clarifying to the media that she is, in fact, not pregnant. However, the maternal instinct invariably comes calling when least expected. Take a look at ten of the top Bollywood actresses who were at the hilt of their careers even when they conceived and decided to gracefully step into the shoes of motherhood. That’s not to say that these ladies are no longer in the limelight. For some of them, becoming a mother hardly had a bearing on their careers. If anything, they are looking their hottest best and still so desirable.

Check out the list of hot mommies who still got it!

From ‘Big Brother’ victory to marriage with Raj Kundra, and motherhood with son Viaan – Shilpa has done it all!

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