Sushmita Sen Goes On An ‘All Girls’ Vacation To Thailand

Bollywood’s super mommy Sushmita Sen recently joined Instagram and has been grabbing eyes with her interesting posts.

Ms Sen recently turned 40 and had absolutely no qualms in revealing her age. In fact, she announced her age on a social media platform by posting a picture and is happy, proud and privileged by it.

Clad in a smoking hot black dress, the actress posted a picture as soon as she turned 40, showing off her well-toned thighs, amidst an ocean backdrop.

Sushmita also clipped in a lovely note along with her picture, which said “Declaration time #yesssssss I am 40!!!!!!! with absolutely no desire to be a day younger…I’ve earned it… Age is not just a number it’s a measure of time gifted to discover the self and explore this privilege called life. Vanity thrives on denial… beauty grows with acceptance… in fact, it gets hotter believe me (sic).”

Well, if that was any less, the latest on her Instagram account is her fun-filled holiday with her gorgeous daughters Renee and Alisah.

Unlike others, Sush did not pick stuffy London or staid Newyork. Instead, Sushmita Sen is holidaying along with her kids in rain-soaked Thailand and her vacation pictures are making us jealous!

The mommy and her pretty little daughters are off to Thailand to have some fun in the sun. Thailand has always been on Sush’s bucket list and she is happy she got another one off her list.

The actress has been filling up her social media accounts with pictures of her along with her daughters. Apart from soaking in the waters, relaxing and having pool parties, the mommy and her daughters were also snapped befriending tigers at the Tiger Kingdom Phuket zoo.

Sharing her experience of meeting the tigers so close, she wrote, “Big one on my #bucketlist #tick ???❤️? finally embraced the affections of #tigers ?❤️? always wanted to meet one up close…always had the deepest love n respect for this #beautiful #graceful #cat ❤️?? #holiday #moments #Thailand #tigerkingdom ??❤️? what an experience!!!???????❤️???.”

Just like her mother, Sush’s 16-year-old daughter Renee also fearlessly posed with the tiger cubs.

Sush’s 6-year-old daughter who apparently used to fear wild animals until recently, was also seen petting a tiger cub during the vacation.

#Alisah feared a #tiger until this #moment ?❤️? this little #4monthsold #cub loves being #tickled in his belly and enjoyed my little #Cubs touch!!!??❤️? now Alisah has found #love where there was fear!! #tigers #tigerkingdom #thailand #holidays

After having some fun with the wild animals, the actress and her elder daughter Renee were spotted doing yoga by the pool side. Well, by the looks of it we are sure the three girls had a ball of a time, painting the city red!

Take a look at the pictures!

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