Shweta Rohira Says, “I Am No More Pulkit Samrat’s Wife Or Estranged Wife”

Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira‘s journey to divorce is filled with many potholes. Their war is just getting ugly by each passing day and there seems no end to their story. Post Pulkit’s horrifying allegation against Shweta, the lady charged him with more gruesome complaints. On the same note, Shweta now wants everyone to stop calling him Pulkit’s ex-wife.

In her recent interview, she stated that she does not want to be referred as Pulkit’s ex-wife or his estranged wife anymore. Being frustrated with all the hullabaloo, she said, “We may not have had a legal divorce but after Pulkit stooped down to whatever level, energetically I am divorced. I am no more Pulkit’s wife or estranged wife. I want to request everyone to please stop calling me an estranged wife of Pulkit Samrat and give me a closure, I will be more than happy when that happens.Pulkit says he does not have time for the divorce. If you have time to give quotes and make a statement, you should have time to send papers. Don’t use me as part of your promotions. No celebrity does that. Everybody is so dignified, so don’t stoop down to this level.”

Well, it’s a little disappointing to see such a beautiful love story coming to an end on such a bitter note.


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