10 Chase Sequences In Bollywood Films That Gave Us An Adrenaline Rush

The graph of any typical Bollywood film doesn’t reach its crescendo unless the hero chases the villain, or vice versa. Chase sequences have always remained one of the highest points of our movies, and filmmakers deliberately try to include one in their films, by hook or by crook!

Chases can be anything. Car chase, bike chase, running chase, or even on a horse. Check out some of the most exciting chase scenes in Bollywood which gave us an adrenaline rush.

1. Sholay

“Chal Dhanno aaj teri Basanti ki ijjat ka sawal hai”

And trust us, the way Dhanno, the ghodi ran, even the henchmen of Gabbar found it impossible to catch her. The tanga had some supersonic speed.

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