OMG! Kangana Ranaut Opened Her Mouth About The Controversy With Hrithik, Gave All Details!

Kangana Ranaut is bold & fearless and never hesitates to speak about her life and struggles. Yes for many she is controversy’s favorite child. But maybe her honesty is what drags her into all of this. She is currently promoting her film ‘Simran’ and during an exclusive interview with famous critic Rajeev Masand she gave out almost every detail about Hrithik and her brawl. Apart from this she also spoke about other controversies like nepotism and issue with Apurva Asrani.

Well, whatever the world says we simply love her bold attitude and her commitment for films:

“There was a proper end to the legal battle. He claimed many things, he said there was an imposter I was communicating with but he couldn’t prove it. There’s a report by the Cyber Crime Cell which said his accusations were wrong. He and his father claimed that they’ll expose me which will shock everyone. They couldn’t do anything. Why just go on maligning someone?

“Why can’t they say this? Has he proved the imposter? Why did he slap me with that stupid notice? Why is he coming to people and crying about e-mails which were written two years ago? If someone was harassing you, would you wait to complain for two years? And if the cyber crime cell has found no imposter, then why would you not revealed in media about it?”

“He slapped me with a legal notice saying that I’ve caused grievous harm to hisesteem family and reputation and that how could he be the ‘silly ex’ when it’s clearly me. When he couldn’t prove why he slapped a case on me, they (Hrithik and his PR team) took another route. That she’s right in her stance, she had an affair, but it wasn’t me, it was someone else. I’ll prove that person and bring that person and show that person to the world, he couldn’t.”

“Today also people ask me about the unfortunate incident that happened between me and Aditya Pancholi and I reply that I was a minor at that age. So don’t tell me what I should talk about, or not talk about. Ask me more about this case, I will simplify it for you. Because he has, on purpose made the whole thing into a vicious circle. This is what has happened, he and his father have made fools of themselves and they should apologize to me in public.

They are big people, they have lots of money. Journalists would call my sister and say that ‘you know your sister is not safe, put her in a safe place.’ We used to get threatened many times. Of course I was scared for my life, who would’t be? There are so many things that happen around you when extra-marital affairs are spoke about.”

“Look at that Malayalam case, what that man did to the girl who complained to his wife. He got her raped, he made her videos viral. You know what happens in such cases… girls get pregnant, they get shot, they get killed, all kinds of things happen. So I was scared, of course I was scared. But I’m not sorry about anything. The case hasn’t died down, there was a proper verdict to it. Anyone can ask me any question about it, I’m ready to explain.”

“Two things I will never accept – a) nothing came out of this case b) it died down on its own. You can call me whatever you want to call me, hate my sob stories or doomed relationships or whatever it is, I don’t care, but I won’t settle for these words.”

I want to have this conversation with him, I can walk with my head held high, why is he hiding from me? He’s not talking about this issue, when he had to send this notice, where was his dignity then? You work with someone for seven years, in two films, how can you say you don’t know each other? You have been rolling on the floor, dancing with her in birthday parties. He said that I have some (mental) problems so why would you repeat me in your own production? He should be asked these questions. But I’m going to go out there and expose these things so that girls are not taken for a ride.”

If you care so much about your family & life, about this image, that image, children and all of that, then don’t have affairs. It’s as simple as that.”

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