Why Shahid Kapoor’s Friends Call Him ‘Gabru’

Shahid Kapoor is no more Shahid for his friends. He has a new name, ‘Gabru’.

Gabru has been high on all the accolades he has been receiving. ‘Udta Punjab’ has received an overwhelming response and that seems to be unstoppable. In fact, Shahid Kapoor’s friends have also been smitten and gung ho about his performance in ‘Udta Punjab’. So much so that his best buddy and childhood friend Sri has now started to call him Gabru instead of Shahid. Sri is so proud and happy for his best buddy that he has saved Shahid’s name also as Gabru. ‘Udta Punjab’ has made Shahid a teen sensation. His tattoos and his hairstyle had become an instant rage.

His friends have been showering him with compliments for his look and his commendable transformation into Tommy Singh. Along with being able to spread awareness about how drugs destroy, he has also earned a new name.


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