Tabu Joins The Cast Of ‘Golmaal Again’

This may come as a total surprise to some but Bollywood’s talented actress Tabu is all set to explore a genre she is not usually synonymous with – comedy.

After confirming Parineeti Chopra’s association with Rohit Shetty’s popular franchise, the makers have now roped in Tabu for its upcoming instalment ‘Golmaal Again’.

“I wasn’t shocked or surprised when I was offered the film. I have always loved the ‘Golmaal’ series and was quite excited about being a part of it. Ajay (Devgn) is a friend and I also know the remaining cast, and working with friends is always wonderful.”

Tabu’s repertoire may have many serious, hard-hitting performances but the actress insists that she has a funny side to herself and that she is known for laughing too easily.

“Nobody can laugh all the time. People close to me know my funny side. Also, comedy is one of my favourite genres… I remember watching ‘Om Shanti Om’ at a theatre in Hyderabad. My sister was watching the same show with her friends and she didn’t know that I was there. In the middle of the film, she called to ask if I was in the theatre, too. When I asked her how she found out, she said that she could hear my laughter. I love to be around people, who have a good sense of humour. All my friends are funny.”

Well, the actress is not entirely new to comedy. Remember ‘Heri Pheri’, Tabu was an integral part of the film and very likeable in it. So, why hadn’t she followed up?

“I really don’t have any preferences, biases or prejudices against any kind of cinema. I take up whatever is interesting. People will always approach you with what they think you are good at. I am glad that there are certain kind of roles people identify me with. At the same time, it’s great that somebody like Rohit thought of casting me in a film like ‘Golmaal’,” reportedly explained the actress.


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