Stunning Pics Of Bollywood Celebs Who Loves To Show Off Their “Rolls Royce”

Bollywood stars live an extravagant life, and there is no doubt that they have all the luxuries a human desire for in life. These celebs, work hard and earn like a king. Well, don’t be shocked if they show off their castle like houses, or big cars. After all who wouldn’t want to show of their ‘Rolls Royce’.

Here are the pics of Bollywood Celebs With their super HOT Rolls Royce.

Take a look!!

Shah Rukh Khan

Super Star King Khan genuinely lives like a king. He owns Rolls Royce “Phantom” which suits his big personality.

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  1. Ramachandran N

    What are you talking only they work hard and therefore they get lot of money and enjoy!!!!
    What about others working more harder than them. In my opinion film actors don’t deserve that much money paid to them!!!!! Have a HEART. tHINK OF THE DIRECTORS AND BEHIND THE SCENE PEOPLE. DO THEY GET SO MUCH FAME AND MONEY. AND TO
    THINK THAT FILM ACTORS BECAME FAMOUS ON THEIR OWN W/O THE DIRECTORS!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha. This applies to so called super king mega actors not stars as stars are in the sky!!!!!!

  2. Ramachandran N

    Amitabh is so poor that he can’t afford a Rolls Royce on his own and somebody has to gift it. You dont say costed but cost. What is 6 crores for AB when he is earning almost 50 times
    that for a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My late friend Mihir Gupta, a commoner owned a Rolls Royce in the early 80s. So there
    is no suprise in these actors owning one.

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