Rishi Kapoor Made Us Laugh With His Tweets

If there is one celebrity you should follow on Twitter, it is Rishi Kapoor. From slamming politicians to cracking jokes on his family lineage, this actor has done it all in his feed. With every post, he beats himself in being more funny. Even his bio reads as – Son of a famous father-father of a famous son, I am the hyphen in between them.

Here are 10 tweets by Chintu uncle, aka @chintskap that had us rolling on the floor, literally!

1. When he answered the biggest question haunting the world!

Think. Went to a”fancy dress party”as a chicken.Met a girl made as an egg.We got going!A life long question was answered.It was the chicken!

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) July 19, 2016

2. When he trolled his own fan!

Thank you sir! But pray….what is Tabli wale Tabli baza? I haven’t yet worked in a film as yet with this name!!! https://t.co/sHPdk1KkZ0 — Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) July 14, 2016

3. When he made fun of his roots!

Just for Laughs.Punjabi father to his son- “No Puttarji, George Clooney is not a Housing Complex in New Delhi”

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) July 3, 2016

4. When he trolled the sale collection of a leading retail brand

Buy two get one begging bowl free. Sale at Zara’s pic.twitter.com/keoWmlbw70 — Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) June 27, 2016

5. We can never get tired of husband-wife jokes, can we!

Loyal husbands will get Heaven after they die, Disloyal husbands will get Heaven while they are alive!
Choice is Yours!
-Bangkok Tourism

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) June 10, 2016

6. Beware! @chintskap has his eyes on you!

Remember the song-“Kahin pe nighaen kahin pe nishana” from the 1956 film “CID”sung by Shamshad Begumji?How apt lol ! pic.twitter.com/pR0g4pEwGy — Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) June 7, 2016

7. He was funny even when he sparked off a debate about places named after the Gandhis in India

Why Indira G airport International ? Why not Mahatma Gandhi or Bhagat Singh Ambedkar or on my name Rishi Kapoor. As superficial! What say?

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) May 17, 2016

8. When he made fun of the weight issue that runs in his family!

pic.twitter.com/9zlGRQILDG — Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) May 2, 2016

“Obesity” is not because it runs in the Kapoor family! It is because no one runs in the Kapoor family!

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) April 17, 2016

9. Only he has the ‘guts’ to make fun of himself!

What guts! Don’t miss the red shoes and the red belt. Aaaagggghhhhhhhhh pic.twitter.com/mjKn7kQt8X — Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) April 11, 2016

10. Just when we think he cannot get funnier, he proves you wrong!

This is hilarious! pic.twitter.com/6YThyqN0KI

— Kapoor Brothers (@chintskap) April 8, 2016


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