Richa Chadha Caught By Traffic Cops

Richa Chadha On Wrong Side Of The Law ?

Richa Chadha got pulled over last week for a strange crime.

A traffic cop requested the actress to stop when he noticed something fishy in her car, but it was no fish.

Apparently, Richa‘s pet cat Kamli was seated on the passenger seat without a leash and the cop was concerned that the kitten would startle Richa while she was driving.

When we asked Richa she said, “Yes, I was stopped near Juhu, where I live. It was a Sunday and my driver was off and I wanted to take my pet out for a drive which I do often. She gets hassled inside her cage and is a well-behaved and trained kitten. She just likes to look around. Once the cop saw that Kamli is a cool-cat, literally, he let us go. Plus, I am not entirely certain that it’s illegal”.

The actress is a known animal lover and has helped organisations like PETA and world for all in the past.


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