Meet Sana Pancholi, Sooraj’s Elder Sis & Aditya Pancholi’s Hazy Light Eyed Daughter, Who Caught Everybody’s Sight At Recent Award Show

Sana and Sooraj are a damm close sister-brother duo and she was quoted saying by a website – “Sooraj is younger to me but he’s a lot more mature than me. He’s also more sentient. People keep thinking that I am his younger sibling and I have to clarify it to everyone. He’s extremely possessive and caring.”

Sana Pancholi was dragged into a drug scandal a few years back when it was reported that Sana and Shakti Kapoor’s son Siddhant were impeded by the cops at a famous pub in Mumbai. She later said – “I was at that place and some 200 other people were also there. My name was highlighted because of my surname. It was upsetting because my parents were dragged into it. It didn’t affect my career in anyway.”

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