Bollywood Celebrities With Their Best Airport Shots

As you struggle to come come out of the airport, feeling jet lagged, carrying a number of bags and huddling across a taxi stand, our attires and how we look are the last things you’d be worried about. But not our Bollywood celebrities. Not only are they stylishly dressed, they bring their A-game to the airport with some cool outfits and accessories. They give casual styling a little extra push in order to look extremely stylish and sophisticated at the airport.

Take a look at some of the most fashionable stars in Bollywood that we spotted at the airport recently.

Kangana Ranaut: Ladies and gents, make way for the ‘Queen’ of Cool. Even with absolutely simple pieces, she manages to give a grunge look to the outfit, with a metallic jacket. Do not miss the accessories here, blue reflective sunglasses and the crocodile printed backpack.

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