Birthday Special: 8 Shocking Facts About Dhak Dhak Girl Madhuri Dixit

The ‘dhak dhak’ girl turns 50 on May 15. The queen of Bollywood with the most mesmerizing smile ever, Madhuri Dixit has ruled the film industry for decades. She is prestigiously considered among the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood even today. However, like other celebrities, she too has attracted media attention many times for all the wrong reasons. Here are 8 times Madhuri Dixit made headlines and shocked everyone.

1. Madhuri Dixit did not want to do this kissing scene

Born on 15th May, 1967, Madhuri was in the headlines when she gave a bold kissing scene with Vinod Khanna who was 21 years elder to her for the film “Dayavan”. At that time Vinod Khanna was 42 years old, while Madhuri was only 21 years old. There was terrible criticism of this scene. Not only audiences, but film critics also called it vulgar.

After the release of ‘Dayavan’, Madhuri has repeatedly disclosed that she has badly regretted giving the Kiss scene to the film. In a report printed in 2011, Madhuri also said that she should not have done that scene. She said, “After watching the movie, I was wondering why I did this scene. There was no need of such scene for the film. After this I decided that I would never do such scenes. ‘Dayavan’ was directed by Feroze Khan, who was counted among Vinod Khanna’s best friends.

2. Link-up with Sanjay Dutt

In 1988, Sanjay and Madhuri shared the screen together for the first time in the film ‘Khatoon Ke Khiladi’. But during the film ‘Saajan’ shooting in 1991, they both came in close proximity with each other. While romancing in the film, both of them give heart to each other in real life too. Sanjay and Madhuri’s love story had become the hiked topic of gossip in the industry. The two had come very close to each other and were planning to do marriage. But rumours have it that Madhuri’s father was unhappy with it because Sanjay was still married to Richa Sharma and they had a daughter Trishala.

But soon after the 1993 Mumbai blasts, when Sanjay came under the limelight for illegal possession of arms, Madhuri reportedly got angry of him and started maintaining a distance. Eventually, she tied the knot with US-based doctor Shriram Nene. And it has been decades now since she and Sanjay shared any screen space, or even met off-screen.

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