Beauties Under 25 Who Are Ruling Bollywood

“Age no bar”, this three worded phrase is often used to express that being a few years older shouldn’t stop you from exploring and recreating boundaries, no matter in what walk of life you belong to. But the way we look at it, being too young is often associated with immaturity and lack of expertise, and that’s something that Bollywood clearly defies. With young and fresh talent entering the industry each day, we’ve got our eyes out for all the youngsters and they certainly have been a rather versatile and talented lot. Here are five divas under the tender age of 25, who are ruling Bollywood in recent times:

1. Alia Bhatt

From playing the snobbish high schooler in Student Of The Year to the troubled drug addict in Udta Punjab, this girl can pull off any role like it was made for her in the first place. At 23, she’s peaked as much as her older counterparts in the industry and is giving them tough competition to stay on.

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  1. Rahul

    Kriti Sanon Is my Favourite. When is your next movie coming?

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