9 Stages Of Falling In Love Perfectly Described By These Bollywood Songs

Bollywood taught us that when you fall in love your world turns around upside down. Some music plays in your head and always brings a smile on your face, background dancers join you as you are suddenly transported to the scenic beauty of Switzerland with your lover and dance in the freezing chill.

We know that it’s not remotely true but the two main ingredients of a typical romantic Bollywood, namely love and songs, can still never be missed. There’s a song practically for every situation/emotion that the lovers experience till their love triumphs.

So, we decided to compile a few of them and describe 9 stages of falling in love with the help of Bollywood songs. Here you go:

1. When it is pure lust at first sight – Kukkad Kamaal Da.

The first time that you notice a person and like them, it’s just the outer appearance of the person that attracts you. You immediately imagine being all ‘cheesy cutie’ with them in no time!

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