9 Reasons Why Bollywood Has Ruined Rains For The Rest Of Us

There was a time when movie makers used rain to show some steamy love-making sequences or to highlight the figure of their actresses (who were often seen in a transparent sari) during the rain sequence. Bollywood has advanced and they have successfully managed to create more absurd logics and stereotypes surrounding rains. According to Bollywood, your heartbreak is NOT really a heartbreak if rain gods don’t bless you. Rings a bell?

Here are 9 times when Bollywood managed to create some most fuckall logics surrounding rains. Have a look!

1. Heartbreaks=Rains. Why? Because god knows everything, right?

In Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, when Anjali gets friend zoned and gets her heart broken, all we saw was the song ‘Tujhe yaad na meri aaye’ and rain (Apart from a sobbing Anjali (Kajol), obviously)

2. Heroine in a saree+ Hero+ an isolated place= Rain

Who can forget this iconic scene from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? While everyone playing dumb charades run to find a shelter, we see Rahul and Anjali under a concrete shelter, remembering good old days and romancing! When it comes to Hindi films, rains are supposed to improve the level of onscreen romance. Okay? IN YOUR FACE, audience.

Watch this epic scene right here:

3. *Our hero is on the verge of love confession* and IT HAS TO RAIN because it is mandatory. Get it?

Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy. But before they express their, there must be RAIN. Yes because Bollywood’s love confessions are incomplete with rains. (And to make the rains more poetic, filmmakers have the best idea, add an Arijit Singh song!) #HellYes.

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