7 Films Which Prove That Aishwarya Rai Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

There are a lot of actors who never get their due, despite being powerhouses of talent. One such actress in Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Somehow, her career never reached the heights that she deserved. More than the acting, the former Miss World is praised for her looks. In fact, many even criticise her acting capabilities. Between all the trolling and constant criticism, we have forgotten about some of her most phenomenal performances.

On her 43rd birthday, here are some of the most amazing roles that she has portrayed which prove that she is more than just a pretty face:

1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – The Poetess

Even though her’s was a cameo in this love saga, she did make a mark with her poetry and her elegance. She turned out to be a turning point in Ranbir’s life and unknowingly taught him an important lesson of life. ‘Let yourself go from a troubled relationship’

2. Dhoom 2 – The Thief

Dhoom 2 showed a sizzling side of Aishwarya. Not only did she have a toned body, her bubbly character of Sunheri spice up the film, big time. Her character was a game-changer in the film.

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