2016 Arched Bolder Onscreen Roles For Leading Ladies

Sonam Kapoor, Neerja

Sonam played the titular role of Neerja Bhanot, a 23-year-old airline purser who lost her life saving the lives of passengers on the Pan Am Flight hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in Karachi in 1986. The valour of an ordinary girl doing an extraordinary deed comes as a breath of fresh air and probably as an inspiration to young girls out there. Sonam, in most of the critics’ views, outdid herself with her low-key and realistic performance. It’s not something usual that woman’s chronicle of service to country and humanity is brought to the screen.

Taapsee Pannu, Pink

Pink is a significant film – it makes amends to the ever-lasting Bollywood’s funda of considering stalking as romantic and a no meaning a yes. The film makes it pretty clear that ‘no is not a word but an entire sentence – no means no’. Taapsee played the role of a financially independent young woman who lives her life on her own terms. She’s just like one of us – living in a PG with her roommates, carefree when it comes to partying but bold enough to voice her opinion against unjust. Despite repeated threats, she continues to hold her ground and doesn’t succumb under society’s influence, inspiring women to speak up when things go wrong.

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