SRK Is The Lucky Charm For These Bollywood Beauties!

-ADVERTISEMENT- -ADVERTISEMENT- Entering the world of films without any backing or Godfather isn’t a cakewalk. Your first film really matters as you’re a complete stranger to the audiences. So, carving your own path gets all the more difficult but, many of our Bollywood beauties have managed to do that and probably a certain Khan has turned out to be a ...

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7 Stylish Bollywood Stars Prove India Is Ready For Its Own Fashion Capital

-ADVERTISEMENT- Who remembers the time when our gorgeous Bollywood stars used to dress up in, well, not so gorgeous looking clothes. Remember Madhuri Dixit’s infectious smile in that oversized outfit, or even Karisma Kapoor’s luscious long hair getting ruptured by a not-so-pretty dress? Well, thankfully, we no longer have to look at the loud 90’s fashion anymore. With Bollywood getting ...

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